Jquery dosent work at all!

I have for some time now tryed to get the simple Jquery, that i have learn, added to my home project of coding, you know, just to get better: but no matter what i try of different things that people says online i dosent seam to work at all when i load the page, it is as if my HTML and Jquery cant reach eachother eventhoguh i have made the same code as you teach here on the side ??

Please help ! i just want to keep learning and understanding this new world of

Hey Jacob,

Your code: I’m not seeing anything wrong with it right off, assuming you do have jquery.js in the same folder as the rest of your code, and containing all of the jQuery code.
What happens if you replace everything in javascript.js with alert("Testing");? If that doesn’t run, it’ll indicate that there’s a problem somewhere besides your JS code :slight_smile: