Jquery 4


Ok so I still cant get this one. Not sure what i am doing wrong. Here is the instructions and code:

In script.js, add a new line below your code to move your

tag after the

with id #one
create a new jQuery selector that targets the
with the id #two
Using after again, select the

tag you created and move it after the

with id #two
          var $hello = $("p'");



Please re-edit your Post

  • leave one blank-line above of your code
  • select your code in the Post
  • then =click= on the </>-symbol-of-this-editor

Your code will then be in a pre-code state
and you will be able to make/present the proper indentations.

or even better use
= http://discuss.codecademy.com/t/using-backticks-to-format-your-code/3697


Should be done now thanks!


So the code should look like this :


I think the wording is bad on the assignment