Journey Around the World Color Task

Link to the example

Link to the task on Codecademy

I am doing the Journey Around the World task currently on Codecademy, and I am stuck. The div ‘container’ is covering my other divs and cannot fix this, I have tried to use the CSS z-index property but to no avail. If anybody has any advice, help, or is experiencing this same issue, please reply.

The links above are to my code and the example that I am aiming for.

This screenshot here is what I am trying to fix, I would like the grey top and bottom section to be the background, but the dark blue (Which is the container class) is covering it.

Hi, there.

Have you looked at the .photo-contact class? That class controls the background-color for that section.

Thanks, that helped, the problem was that I didn’t have high enough specificity.

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