Jombotron fonts - Cannot figure out what I am missing


Hey! :slightly_smiling: How?? I have the exact same error and cannot figure out what I am missing

Jumbotron fonts

read this again


I've checked my order... if that is what you are referring to.... i only have the font link they said to add and the main.css link.
Should there be a third?>


in index.htlm
head column there should be 2
link href for Font
link href for main css ( this is the area where u need changes )

goodluck :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for the advice


you are welcome..
lets learn together !!


Sorry to bug you again. I did what you suggested, re-read the section, i have the 2 font links... but it is still not working for me. Would you mind look at this...


here you go


Thanks. Thats what I had initially.... it must be something else that I'm missing. I will keep investigating. Thanks again for the help :)grin:


Have you already checked all of the things in this list?


Yep. At least i think i have.... The shift.css link works, and everything else looks like it should be fine...


Trying screenshots to see if anyone can point out my mistake.... :wink:



Post these two things:

  1. All of your CSS code -- that means everything in your main.css file
  2. The <head> ... </head> from your index.html file

Here is a link describing how to post code in this forum


found a misspelt jumbotron in the main.css file... still not working though :frowning:


is that what you referring



That's good that you are finding your bugs.


no.... why is there something wrong in there?
i meant i had spelt jumbotron - jumbton in the .jumbotron selector


oh. haha , i bet you have to go through everything before submitting.