Joining tables on primary key with similar names gets duplicated name "user_id:1", "user_id:2" that I can't use further on

On the Warby Parker project, I thought on first using the command WITH to create a table and then use that new table to calculate the funnels and everything.
However, I saw that given that we’re joining them on the user_id column (for tables “quiz”, “home_try_on” and “purchase”), the name that the new table is giving to the quiz.user_id, home_try_on.user_id and purchase.user_id are “user_id”, “user_id:1” and “user_id:2”.

Then, the problem is that when I try to use these names with the SELECT command, it doesn’t work. Also it doesn’t work using the original names (q.user_id, quiz.user_id, etc.)

Could you please help me telling me what’s wrong? Thanks in advance

Here’s the code that is not running.

WITH ‘Table1’ AS (
SELECT * FROM quiz q
LEFT JOIN home_try_on h
ON q.user_id = h.user_id
LEFT JOIN purchase p
ON h.user_id = p.user_id
SELECT p.user_id FROM Table1;

I’m not sure of the correct way to describe it at present but use SELECT user_id instead of p.user_id unless you altered some column names.

Also: the “p”, “q” and “h” are aliases for those three tables–purchase, quiz & home try on.
It’s easier to differentiate them that way in the WITH statement.