John Smilga's course on React

Hello guys,

did somebody out there went through the following React course?

Many people are saying it’s great so I probably going to give it a try. But - somebody in the comments (down below the video) wrote this:

“Fellow programmers - please note: Due to the fast evolving nature of React.js (along with all it’s required dependancies, each of which have their own version release) it should be noted at least 40% of this tutorial (as at February 2022) is now out of date. In particular, this is vitally important with regards to passing parameters to Class Components versus Functional Components via react-router-dom. You are strongly advised to use a more up to date tutorial.”

So I’m curious if it is still ok go through this tutorial.
Thanks a lot!

I learnt (and still do) React by doing the courses on Codecademy and reading a lot of extra material and docs. So that doesn’t put me in a position to give you an educated answer to your question. Just a few things to consider:

Date of creation

At the beginning of the course we see the website of Node with the latest release: 14.8. Version 14 has been released on April 21 of 2020. So this course is max 2 years old.

React version

It uses version 16 of React (as do the lessons of Codecademy). The current version is 17. That’s the one I’m using for all of my projects and there are a few minor things to consider like the fact that you don’t have to import React in subcomponents anymore (and you shouldn’t as that leads to conflicts with duplicates). But nothing that makes me think that doing a course based on v 16 was pointless.

Bootstrap version

The course you linked apparently uses Bootstrap:

It uses Bootstrap version 4. The current version is 5. I remember there were breaking changes between version 3 and 4, it doesn’t appear to me from the docs that the changes between 4 and 5 are as breaking, but I haven’t worked with v5 yet. Anyway. Nothing you cannot tackle by reading the excellent documentation of Bootstrap.

React Router

The course you linked uses React Router version 5 (as does the CC course) The current version is version 6. There have been breaking changes. But in a ten hours course, React Router won’t take such a big amount of the course’s content.


Considering that the course is no more than 2 years old, I severely doubt that 40% (!) of the course is outdated in a way that makes it useless to the learner. That seems to be a rather pretentious judgement to me. And I doubt that you find many courses of this extent that are more up to date.


Thank you so much for very deep and helpful answer! Wow.

I went over CC courses on React and only thing I want, is to brush and cement my skills before moving on the Reddit project.
(Anyway, don’t you have some tips where can I do the same with Redux?)

Thx a lot!

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Unfortunately, I don’t. Apart from the CC course, I didn’t use another comprehensive course, but googled specific problems. So I ended up on Stack Overflow a lot. There is no specific page I bookmarked for Redux.

The Reddit project was the one I used to solidify my understanding of Redux. Mostly by trial and error and going back to the CC projects to look up conventions.

Good luck and have fun with the Reddit project!

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