Job Title Generator

My implementation of the mixed messages project!

A job title generator!

Did not run into any problems and completed within about 20 minutes.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript
  • Git/GitHub
  • Node.js
  • Markdown
  • Kanban Board
    This project is a message generator program. Every time a user runs a program, they should get a new, randomized output.
    Random Job Title Generator

    Tyler Ferreira - 2023

// Array of job titles
const jobTitles = ['Software Engineer', 'Data Scientist', 'Data Analyst', 'Data Engineer', 'Data Architect', 'Data Visualization Engineer', 'Data Visualization Analyst', 'Data Visualization Architect', 'Data Visualization Scientist', 'Data Visualization Developer', 'Data Visualization Specialist', 'Data Visualization Consultant', 'Data Visualization Manager', 'Data Visualization Director', 'Data Visualization VP', 'Data Visualization CTO', 'Data Visualization CIO', 'Data Visualization CEO', 'Data Visualization COO', 'Data Visualization CFO', 'Data Visualization CMO', 'Data Visualization CPO', 'Data Visualization CDO', 'Data Visualization CISO', 'Data Visualization CRO'];

// Array of skills
const skills = ['Python', 'Java', 'C++', 'C#', 'JavaScript', 'HTML', 'CSS', 'SQL', 'NoSQL', 'MongoDB', 'MySQL', 'PostgreSQL', 'Oracle', 'AWS', 'Azure', 'GCP', 'Docker', 'Kubernetes', 'React', 'Angular', 'Vue', 'Node.js', 'Express.js', 'Flask', 'Django', 'Spring', 'Spring Boot', 'Spring MVC', 'Spring Cloud', 'Spring Data', 'Spring Security', 'Spring Batch', 'Spring Integration', 'Spring Web Services', 'Spring Web Flow', 'Spring Web Flow'];

// Generate random job titles and skills
const randomJobTitle = jobTitles[Math.floor(Math.random() * jobTitles.length)];
function generateSkill (){
    return skills[Math.floor(Math.random() * skills.length)];

// Print out the random job title and skill
console.log(`You will be a ${randomJobTitle} specializing in ${generateSkill()} and ${generateSkill()}!`);