Job searching?

How many here have been able to land jobs shortly after finishing their respected courses? how long did it take?

College courses, yes. Did 2 years in college in CS when the pandemic hit and got something right out of it.

Sorry, I mean’t the courses from codecademy, Like front end web dev, Back end etc …

You probably need a lot of portfolio building and additional coursework to be in shape then! It depends how much of that you’re doing on top of the codecademy courses. I personally sped through the CS course in a month when I used codecademy and it was only a drop of water in the bucket of what I needed to be to be job ready.


I was in college studying pharmacy when the pandemic hit. I found a job at an agency that specializes in SEO and web development. Initially, I started working with SEO, but then I discovered Codecademy and began my journey into frontend development. Codecademy was incredibly helpful, and today I am a frontend developer at the same agency.

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That’s quite the journey you’ve had! It’s inspiring to see how you found your path into frontend development, especially during such a challenging time. If anyone else is on the hunt for job opportunities or looking to explore different career paths, they might want to check out AC Jobs—they could have some great options available to kickstart their career journey!