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hello guys,m=am sulub from kenya.I was wondering if someone can get a job in the usa after 6 months of front end development and how much much will be the starting salary??

This would be more of a pipe dream if it could be quantified. What research have you done so far with respect to,

1. Passport
2. Work Visa
3. Emigration


One suspects that it could be two or more years to wade through that process, by which point you would have devoted your time to studies and earning certification in your field.

Are you already in the US? Can you work? Have you spoken with prospective employers about expectations and job criteria?

Usually people saying that Front-end can make around $20K per month, and if you wanna to looking for a job, make Portfolio right now with you contributions on Github and StackOverflow. for example, I had site on Github Pages ( that allow me to make free Portfolio, when you commit on Github, It tracked your contributions on any repo.

StackOverflow also good to allow your employer to see your capabilities on some problem, If you master on something and understand the trouble, try to answer them. If you get upvote, it’ll record on your profile. (Same as Reddit upvotes.)

Also don’t forget to making your link on LinkedIn, ask anybody who you know or your colleagues to linking their connection with you. It’ll increase your chance to be pop-up than had nobody you knew.

If you choosing to do Front-end, better to do it on Home than going to USA for temporary, even IF SARS-CoV-2 is no more harm. better to saving your income then choosing to living on cheap and good location, such Japan, Singapore, or Canada than US. (you know what they problem are…)

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No way $20K per month. No way. Not even being a senior front-end development. Those salaries are for project leaders and administrative engineers or people like that. You have to have so much more experience to earn that salary in this industry not a six-month course or bootcamp.
Having said that I’m afraid of not being good at internships. I’m trying to get myself better on programming in general but I don’t know how to progress. I’m behind most of my collegues. Right now, I don’t care much about the money earned; I could work free for anyone. I just want experience and be good at what I’m doing.