Job after codecademy course


Hello i currently want to take a new career and i’m really interested about Data science, i know it will be a long path but for now i want to enrol the 4 intensive courses in data science given by codeacademy.
My question is, after finish the course, can i find a job? i mean not in as data scientist but at last something allow me to pay my life because i’m unemployed.


Hi there! Thought I would share my two cents here but I am sure the CC team will chime in. Getting a degree does not ensure that you will get a job. It just makes it easier to apply for jobs to companies who want to see that you have certain credentials. At the end of the day, you need to learn how to sell yourself to companies when you pitch your services to them. Even though you will be an employee, you still need to see yourself as a service vendor which means you need to learn how to position yourself the right way so that the company you want to work for will want to hire you.

Step 1 - Create a list of companies you want to work for

Step 2 - Learn what they want from developers. What do they look for?

Step 3 - Position yourself in a way where they will want you.

Good luck out there!


I can strongly recommend this program of a swedish company, they have offices in Hamburg and Munich:

They offer 12-weeks trainings (fulltime) for free and a job guarantee!


awesome storie, very motivated! thank you


Where is the story which is "very motivated"?