Jekyll 3.1.3 | Error: Permission denied - /home/personal-website


When I enter " jekyll new personal-website" I keep getting this:
jekyll 3.1.3 | Error: Permission denied - /home/personal-website

I've reset Exercise 4 of Deploy a Website several times to create personal-website but the error continues.

Is /home my starting point? If not, what is? It doesn't seem to be specified in the lesson.


/home is where home directories are stored, similar to C:\Users on Windows - each user has a sub-directory in there with the same name as the user

~ evaluates to your home directory, so you can cd to that. You can also run cd with no arguments to get to your home directory.

I believe there's a directory in your home directory, you're meant to create the website inside that directory and that's where you start when you load the exercise


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