I change my email to my account. And i forgot which email i switch it to.
is there a way to do something about it??

Are you talking about your account on the forums ( or the main site (

No, my regular account. main site (

Is it the same email you used to sign up for this site, by any chance?

Chris its linked.

@aryehrocks is it this profile:

####Edit: If so I can DM you the email used

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posting email addresses on a public forum is not something you should do,

anyways the email address you posted is the same email for the account you are using to chat here on the forum.

So have you managed to login ?

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its a new account :neutral_face:

So the email that you used for this site (discuss.codecademy) is different to the one you used for the main one?

Basically i forgot my email. So i just made a totally new account. :+1:

What’s the username of the account that you forgot the password for?

I might have change my email & username which then there no way to change it.? :disappointed:

Areyh Schulman
Thank you for your help!

Thank you!!:astonished: