Hello everyone. I’m new to JavaScript. I want to know if something can be made with only JavaScript? I read a blog and I am having diffilculties understanding it. :expressionless:. Please I need help before jumping into it.

Many websites use a combination of html/css and javascript for the front-end of their website (user-facing). Whenever you see a lot of fancy functionality in a website… that’s often a lot of javascript pulling the weight.


thanks @toastedpitabread . but can u do something with it alone?

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Yes you can, in theory. In practicality it’s so entangled in the web environment that it’s hard not to envision it being part of some set-up. Read more here: Is there a way to run Javascript without a browser, like a shell or batch script? - Super User


Thanks alot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Windows also has native support for JScript (but it doesn’t have some things that “regular” JS has - like the DOM).

Read more: Run JavaScript in Windows - Stack Overflow