Javascript - what have I actually learned?


I used this site to get to learn html, css and js to become a coder.

Now, as Html and css was very practique (you can make your own site after you finished, you just don’t know how to get it online (which to me, seems very important,…)),

Javascript, I learned all the language and I have no idea how to use it. I started this because this could make addition to make your site interactive, whereass, here, I have no clue how to put what i learned to use…

Can someone explain to me how I can use Javascript on a site as an interactive tool where can input data and get replies, … And not as a bash-sheet in which you need to adapt your input and make it run to get a reply…

That would be very helpfull…

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

Since you’ve already taken the JavaScript course and you know HTML & CSS, I think you should now take a course that brings it all together. The course Building Interactive JavaScript Websites should be just what you need to take your JavaScript skills out of the console and into your websites.

You’ll learn about adding interactivity, responding to events, using JavaScript to find elements of your page, manipulating the site in your code, etc.


Hey and thank you for your feedback.

So I have done that course also, this brought al lot of JS to life for me. But offcourse only minor changes on the DOM.

I think if I want to use JS the way you can really personalize content based on visitors, I need to link with a database to store and fetch information, is this correct?

I’m now following full stack engineer, will this fill up this gap in knowledge or would you advise another course?

also, for instance if you create 2 input buttons and than a third, which gives the sum of those 2, I cannot do that with the knowledge I have know yet. Will this also be covered when I know how to use/make databases for my site?

thank you for your feedback,



This section of W3Schools has a lot of practical examples of DOM manipulation (depending which one you click, some examples are solely HTML/CSS, still useful though).

And of course @selectall is correct about the Building Interactive JavaScript Websites, and there are also courses on React and Front End dev, and Express and Back-End dev (databases and user authentication are backend). Full stack will cover Front and Back End and is as comprehensive as you’ll get on Codecademy. (though it may be worth looking at the other courses to see if Full Stack leaves anything out you might need or want to know)