Javascript Transpilation - How do I open a file in Babel?

Once again, no category for JavaScript Browser Compatibility and Transpilation. Codecademy has topics for all of the pro subjects under JavaScript, i.e., the ones I’m not paying you for, but you can’t be bothered to have one for the topic I’m on right now. Would somebody please explain how you are supposed to open a file you create in the Babel window. It is not explained anywhere in the instructions, and the instructions just keep passing me without telling me what to do. Not to mention the fact that I ran the code correctly and received a huge error message. Looks like this section has a lot of problems, vague instructions, and inconsistencies. So, how do you open a file, like main.js, after you create it in Babel?


Would also like to know this as it doesn’t say anywhere how to view…

“You can view the ES5 code in ./lib/main.js.
You may need to refresh to see the newly created lib directory.”

I have refreshed, and nothing… I don’t understand :frowning:

I’m having the same issue. I don’t know what “terminal” is being emulated, or the code to open and view a file. “ls” isn’t a Windows console command, and I can’t find said files on my computer… Is the terminal browser specific?

its bash, its the shell for *nix based system (unix, freeBSD, macOS, Linux and more). A lot of webservers run Linux, so it makes sense to use bash in the tutorial

the cmd (windows command line) for ls is dir.