JavaScript to... Ruby? What happened to JQuery?

Hey guys,

I just finished the JavaScript course, including building a cash register. I was looking forward to moving on to JQuery, until the mighty Codecademy automatically introduced me to Ruby. Now, before I decided to venture into Codecademy I did a lot of research by reading articles and talking to professors and professionals in the tech business. HTML to CSS to JavaScript to JQuery. I did notice the little prompt below my console saying to try their AngularJS course when I was taking the JavaScript course. But I wanted to try the cash register before I moved on. Lo and behold, after finishing JavaScript, Ruby popped up. So my question to the community is, is JQuery still relevant today? I’ve noticed how fast the tech industry moves. So I really want to know what relevant courses I can take. I will take AngularJS then make a decision whether to take Ruby or JQuery. Do I skip JQuery and move on to Ruby? Or do I take JQuery and then move on to Ruby?

Here’s my plan thus far…
Ruby and/or JQuery
Rails Authentication

Your answers and opinions are greatly appreciated!!

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jQuery is very relevant, but it is going up against some heavy competition. It is, after all, just a library and not as robust as frameworks. Don’t let this dissuade you, though. Set Ruby to the side and jump into the jQuery tracks. They are simple and only introduce the library without going too deeply into any of the concepts. Keep the documentation close at hand. Other projects on this site make use of jQuery so you should have something under your belt before embarking on them.

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Thanks a lot mtf! Appreciate your input and sound advice on this matter!

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