JAVASCRIPT SYNTAX, PART I / NOOB / If, else if syntax

Hi there! I joined Codecademy to learn coding at 26! I know I am a little bit late, but hey, never say never so after HTML and CSS I wanted to know more about fullstacking and started with Java.

I am working on the conditionals “if else” project

But I can’t finish it, there is a problem but I don’t know what it is?,

I would be thankful with any advice you could give me please.


Hi Mario,

welcome to the forum! I don’t think you’re late. There are people who enrolled the full stack much later…

Did you start with Java or JavaScript? The code provided looks like the latter…

else if( age < 18) // age is not defined
else if(!registeredEarly && > 18)

What is supposed to be > 18?

Hi, thanks!

I started with Javascript,

I was following codecademy’s “get unstuck” video but still, there was an error.

18 is supposed to be the age AdultAge > 18

I assumed that, but did you write that in your code?

If you still have an error, can you post your revised code here?
Please make sure to format the code:

Hi, I stopped to take fresh air, and came back, saw my errors, used age as variable from codecademy’s video instead of my previously stated variable runnersAge. I think now it makes sense, although it is not finished.

Still any advice is welcomed please, thanks!