JavaScript - Requests I - XHR POST - send("id: '200' ")


Good day fellow senior coders :upside_down_face: and of course new students like me.

I was doing the above course JS requests - XHR POST Requests, and I would like to ask you for the clarification of 1 thing in the boilerplate and the diagram from the photo :

When sending a POST request to a server, why do we have to include send("{ id : '200' }") .
I guess it is something that Server requires but I would like to know why is it necessary, as it was not mentioned anywhere in the lesson.


The only thing to comes to mind is the response code, 200, which means successful.


Same crossed my mind, however it is being sent to the server, which is then probably something that server requires.

That 1 little sentence of clarification that is missing in the lesson . :blush::grinning:


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