Javascript/React course going too fast


I’m on Lesson 6. We’re ordering pizza with toppings and calculating costs. I’m doing each lesson carefully, looking up stuff that I would like more info about (mozilla, e.g.) and I’m not getting it. For example, ‘=>’ introduced w/o explanation (yes, i looked it up); ‘++’ used in the code we’re supposed to write, but how would I know that from the instructions or from the Hint? After many tries at writing the code and getting errors, the Solution code isn’t something I would have gotten to on my own.
When I have written the code correctly, I continue to get error message. The Solution shows the same code I have written. this is contributing to my confusion.


That is the tricky part of programming, putting everything together and come to the solution. This requires practice. You need to find out what works for you (Write on paper with draw arrows between the various components if you have to)

that is very unlikely, please show the code which produces error message vs correct code so we can verify this and make an accurate bug report


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