Javascript race day challenge

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hello everyone i m beginner and im trying to do race day challenge on js course somebody can check if my code is good i have a logical answer in the console but i m not sure if i did it in the good way
let raceNumber = Math.floor(Math.random(0.5) * 1000);

const registeredEarly = true;
let runnerAge = 20;
if (registeredEarly === true && runnerAge > 18) {
console.log(You registered early so you will run at 9:30am with number ${raceNumber +=1000});
} else if (registeredEarly === false && runnerAge > 18) {
console.log(You registered lately so will run at 11:00am with number ${raceNumber +=1000});

answer in console

You registered early so you will run at 9:30am with number 1520

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