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Hi all,

I am working on my first independent JavaScript Codecadamy project on the Mixed Messages task and my code is throwing an error that I’m struggling to fix.

I have commented out the method for now, but it is saying ‘Unexpected token ‘this’’ for line 36 however I am confident I need it to access the other property within my ‘moost’ object.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?? I’d be hugely grateful.

The link to the code is below. Many thanks in advance!


What error do you get?

looks like here:

        let voteOfConf = {
             quote: quote,
             source: source

you use a comma to close your object? this should be a semi-colon

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You’re brilliant @stetim94! I’ve been staring at that for longer than I’d like to admit trying to work out where I’d gone wrong! It’s always the little things that are easiest to miss!

Much appreciated!

When an error is at the beginning at the line (what was it, something like: unexpected keyword this), always check the line above as well.

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Will do! Thanks again!

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