Javascript practice projects?

I just finished the JavaScript course and wanted to do some of the practice projects offered but so far am confused by all of them. I’ve looked at the first 8: one was more about React -which I haven’t learned at all, one redirects you to Wix for some reason, I finally found one that seemed pretty straightforward and looks like it has a lot of guidance but I feel like I’m missing something in the instructions. Does anyone have any suggestions for which practice projects might be good to start with? Or even suggestions for other places to look for similar exercises?
I do still feel like I need some hand-holding and I was hoping that the practice exercises here would walk you through as gently as they do in the course but I feel like the couple that I tried were much vaguer, introduced tools that I haven’t had to use on the site before, and just generally had a different approach than the exercises in the course.

Some of the projects that don’t need more than maybe some of the Intermediate JavaScript stuff:

  • Build A Library
  • Credit Card Checker
  • Find Your Hat (knowing a bit about Node.js might be helpful here)
  • Mysterious Organism
  • Number Guesser
  • Chore Door (need to know how to use JavaScript for webpages for this one)
  • Dog Years
  • Kelvin Weather
  • Lodash
  • Magic Eight Ball
  • Meal Maker
  • Message Mixer (knowing some Node.js stuff is useful for this one)
  • Race Day
  • School Catalogue
  • Secret Message
  • Sleep Debt Calculator
  • Team Stats
  • Training Days
  • Whale Talk
  • Workaround Explorer (need to know how to use JavaScript for webpages for this one)

Note that you’ve probably already done many of these if you’ve done the JavaScript course(s).

You got “javascript30”, “Exercism”, “GeekForGeek”, “TheOdinProject”, “CodinGame”, there is a lot
But for some of these sites, you need have a good base of JS

There’s quite a lot of beginner JavaScript courses on YouTube that you’ll likely be able to follow now you’ve completed the course. That’s how i built my confidence.

Good luck.