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Hi guys,

any one of you have experienced this non-track-course?
Review of Functions in JavaScript - 18. hello factorial

Verification does not accept any code, instead of it always appears notification "Oops, try again. undefined"!

I was looking for information on this issue in other places in search of a solution, but so far without success...
I want to hear the views of guys who have completed or attempted to complete this course. I still have hope to complete it fully, because I found an interesting comment on the forum from Haley here hello factorial. Error: Undefined.

If someone knows something about this issue, please respond to me!

Thank you in advance for any information,


Well, at least we know it is saving the code. That's where it ends. It does not run the code. Would appear there is no SCT for this lesson, but we are forewarned. Suggest skip and keep going, but know what to expect... possibly nothing.

var factorial = function(n){
    var r = 1;
    for (var x = 2; x <= n; x++) {
        r *= x;
    return r;


Hello, Roy!

Thank you for your help and for that you first responded to my request! Moreover you help me not the first time and I'm very grateful for it! However, unfortunately, this method does not work for this issue...

Hey guys, there's still any idea on this matter? Are there any ways to complete this course by 100% instead of 74% which I have at the moment? It does not matter how exactly, it is important just to complete it! This is the whole crux of the matter...


There is no SCT for the balance of this incomplete track. The above code is only to demonstrate that the SCT does not run, and neither does the code. Save and Submit does nothing but save.


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