JavaScript Modules Named Exports

The instructions for part 7 of Named Exports reads as follows:
“In the body of the meetsStaffRequirements() function, write logic to check if the length of the availableStaff array is greater than or equal to requiredStaff.”

Here is my current code:

let availableAirplanes = [
  name: 'AeroJet',
  fuelCapacity: 800,
  availableStaff: ['pilots', 'flightAttenendants', 'engineers', 'medicalAssistance', 'sensorsoperators']
   name: 'SkyJet',
  fuelCapacity: 500,
  availableStaff: ['pilots', 'flightAttenendants']

let flightRequirements = {
  requiredStaff: 4,

meetsStaffRequirements(availableStaff, requiredStaff) {
 if (availableStaff.length >= requiredStaff.length) {
   return true;
 } else {
   return false;

The error message with the fail is “Does the function return false when availableStaff is equal to requiredStaff?”

Since I have it set to >= it should return True when equal to.

Link to the lesson:
Named Exports

look at requiredStaff, is it an array?

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I was at a stoplight when I read your response and immediately realized I had used .length on both.

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