Javascript lessons on interacting with webpages?

So I have completed the free JavaScript lessons. However, there is one snag. All of those lessons use console.log as a way of displaying the text. However, there are no lessons on interacting with classes and id’s or writing to the webpage.
I thought that maybe learning JQuery, but just starting off the page, I was already waaayyyy too confused. It has a whole bunch of unknown code. There seems to be a gap between JavaScript and JQuery.

Now questions is this: will going to the pro version of Codecademy unlock the locked lessons - will those unlocked lessons teach me how to interact with webpages so I can start learning JQuery? If not, I need to find a way where I can interact with webpages.

There are some tools that you can learn on your own as well, there is hacking webpages with built in Web Developer tools in your browser. I might look at Firefox’s Web Console, or Chromes Web Tools

The problem here, is that there is no set lesson structure. It will just show different types of methods and keywords. I would prefer to actually have a lesson plan like Codecademy has.


I saw this maybe it’s what you are looking for

If you sign up for pro then you will have access to the extra projects in JavaScript course.

Take a look at MDN-javascript, there might be somethings you are looking for.

Using jquery is a whole lot easier then using javascript directly.

But you can do it:

c = document.getElementById('idname');
c.innerHTML= "hello world";

code untested