JavaScript Lesson 9


i need help to lesson 9

this what i have written
prompt(“What is your name?”);
prompt(“where are you from?”);

and i get
Oops, try again. Something went wrong with your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help!

and Null


restart or refrsh:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Use the prompt command to ask the user where they are from. Check out the examples above for how to do this! im pretty sure that means use prompt and not confirm.


Are you still having a problem with this?


I have the same problem, how did you solve it?


I’m in the same boat, any solution?


Same deal here. Bug?


You need to assign the answer to the prompt to a variable.


Don’t forget to put a ; at the end of your prompt.

Example: (“Where is Jack”);
Don’t put a question mark.


But that’s a question, so it needs a question mark, but yes, you’re right about the semicolons.


That’s weird. When I did lesson 9, my prompt was this:

prompt(“Where are you from”);



You should use question mark. Instead of asking the user “Where are you from”, I asked “Where do you come from?” and it worked.


Did you put it in parentheses?



Yes of course. It looked a bit like this, I don’t know about you…

prompt("Where do you come from?");


Can you give me a link?



The link of the exercise???


Yeah for some reason I can’t get to lesson 9.



Here you go:


It works with or without a question mark. I tried both, and they both worked.


You should go to home page and then again chose JS course. Only then worked for me.