Javascript : lesson 7 nested objects

Regarding this lesson:

I’m working on question 1. I defined an object literal that I named ‘capFave’. In order to get the value ‘cookies’ from another object literal, I used a function.

const capFave = {
  favFood () {
    return spaceship.crew.captain['favorite foods'][0]
    // not correct i'm pretty sure

when I console.log it:


I expected ‘cookies’ instead I get “[Function: favFood]”.

There is no review video on this exercise. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

calling functions requires parentheses, if you exclude the parentheses you literally get the function object ([Function: favFood])

Thank you for taking the time to try and help me. I wasn’t sure what you meant about “requires parentheses” or where to put them. I changed my code to:

let capFave = {
  capFavFood: spaceship.crew.captain['favorite foods'][0]

it seems to work. The response is :

{ capFavFood: 'cookies' }

general syntax of calling a method:


see the parentheses? Of course, if your method doesn’t have parameters, no arguments are required

When written in such a way it is referred to as a callback.

var func = capFave.favFood;

We can now invoke this function from within another function, say, or from wherever it is declared.

console.log(func())    //  ‘cookies’

Thank you. I understand about the parentheses. I think I was just way off in my original attempt.

let capFave = spaceship.crew.captain[‘favorite foods’][0]


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