Javascript: Iterators 4/7


I follow the instructions provided and my code runs correctly and thera are no error messages. However the instructions tick mark does not turn to green (OK) and I cannot proceed to the next step. What do i do wrongly? This is my code:

let randomNumbers = [375, 200, 3.14, 7, 13, 852];

let smallNumbers = randomNumbers.filter(number => number<250);

let favoriteWords = ['nostalgia', 'hyperbole', 'fervent', 'esoteric', 'serene'];

let longFavoriteWords = favoriteWords.filter(word =>
word.length > 7);

console.log(smallNumbers, longFavoriteWords);


this exercise seems bugged, even when you do get code, copy the correct code, reset and enter the correct code, it won’t give a pass. (attempted it twice, didn’t work)

you need the get code button to pass the exercise at the moment, reset the exercise (button right of the run button), just run the code 5 times and press get code, and make a bug report


Thanks It worked:blush:


your code is fine, i reported the problem.