JavaScript IDE


I am looking for an easy JavaScript IDE to use which is downloadable, I don’t want it on my browser and can run JavaScript code.
I currently use Sublime Text 3 but that doesn’t have a console and cannot run code (it can only run HTML files and runs them in my browser).
I’m essentially looking for an official Python 3 IDLE for JavaScript just with a console.

The only way I know of to run JavaScript in a standalone environment is Node.js. As for an IDE with a console, I’m not sure one exists. The browser console is likely the best you will find.

HTML-Kit is still available, last I checked, and it has a built in browser for reviewing the work in the editor. I don’t remember if it can run script or not, though.

Ultimately, what you seek will come at a cost, as I doubt anything this robust will be free. It follows that every browser has its own quirks and testing in multiple browsers is status quo if you wish to get a page up on a production server. I rather doubt any one IDE will be able to emulate every browser or device. Again, the console in Chrome or Firefox are likely better than anything else we might find.

I don’t know how easy I would say it is to set up or use, but I use Visual Studio Code. You can download it for free. There is an article here: that explains how to set up Node.js. If you are not a pro member, you may not be able to view the article. VS Code has a built in console. You should be able to research (Google) how to install and use a Bash Console and Node.js with VS Code. Good luck!