javaScript help

This doesn’t pertain to any specific course on codecademy, but I was thinking about writing some code for a program that will sort strings into categories and I was wondering how I would go about doing that? i.e. sorting cards into categories based on their type or colour

Why specifically Javascript? So, you want a webpage with input field (html) so the user can enter something? Does the program have to remember after being done running (do we have to write to file/database)?


specifically javascript because that is the programming language i’m most comfortable with. and it would be more for personal use to sort some of my cards more efficiently

I asked several questions you only answered the first one. The information you provided is to limited for me to be of any help to you

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I apologize the answer to both of the following questions is yes

That is not easy, then you would have to use nodeJS. nodeJS interact with a database, maybe you first want to write a command line program in JS which can be ran by nodeJS? including a webserver (even though its localhost) is pretty tricky.