Javascript Functions

Where could I find some additional literature on JavaScript functions and variables. I’ve reached the end of JavaScript 1 on Functions and Variables =>and am still having issues with the last lesson. Before moving on, I’d really like to better grasp these fundamentals.
Any recos?

Hey Monc, is there a specific topic in functions/variables you’d like to know more about? If you’re looking for general input on functions you can always refer to the MDN website, it should be the first to come up if you google “Javascript Functions”, same goes for variables.
Here is a great article from them about variables: Storing the information you need — Variables - Learn web development | MDN
And here is their article on functions: Functions — reusable blocks of code - Learn web development | MDN

These are pretty standard resources that explain the basics again. But I’m sure by doing the course you already know the basics! So it’s good practice for fellow coders to think about: “What is it actually that I don’t understand?”, is it the scope of a variable? Or the return values of functions? And then look up these specific topics. So you won’t hear over and over again how a variable is declared but actually get to the bottom of what you are questioning!

Also there are a lot of great Youtube videos out there on different topics of functions.

Let me know if I can help you further.

Happy coding!

This is very helpful thank you!


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