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JavaScript Versions: ES6 and Before

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I want to know that if the versions after ES6 eg ES7, etc are being added on top of ES6, then why do we use ES6 and not ES8 or ES11?

Also, it will be helpful if someone can update the timeline on this page.

As you can see on the timeline, ES7 and ES8 have been created, it’s just that ES6 was a major update, which kind of marked the divide between earlier and later variations.

I did have questions on this myself. The ES6 syntax seems quite easy to use and offers a wide degree of additional functions, however as I found out when testing it isn’t cross-platform/browser compatible as of yet.

ECMAScript 6 compatibility table (

As of this post, it seems to still have at least 2-3 years of life left on these browsers, so would it be best to avoid the use of ES6 at the moment until all unsupported platforms have become obsolete?