JavaScript Error


Not sure what my error is... any help please?


Change console.log(nameString("ahmed")) to console.log(nameString("sussie"))

@ryan is a little picky about the names :laughing:


That changed nothing !..Any more logical answers please lol !


Ok Sorry for not bieng logical at all but there are two options:

  1. I lower cased sussie. Try UpperCasing it

If that dosent work

  1. This is a Bug, Because it printed the right stuff out. Please respond if it dosent work. Thanks!


I meant no offense, just having a coding melt down.

Also i did try the upper case part, No good.

I think its option2.

I appreciate your help though !!


Hi @ahmedhf,

Please see the code example below. I'll take a guess here your main error is you have not actually fulfilled the lesson requirements Sometimes CC lessons can be finicky. But in this case you you need to work with the return in mind. Your function uses return to return an output, so lets give it something to return it to =) Then print out that something variable.
If you continue to experience an error, please paste your entire code, sometimes it can help, and list the error you receive, even if it is the same you can just say the same error =)
If this is the case, a bug is possible but usually they can be fixed by clearing the cache and re-trying or trying a whole different browser altogether.

var nameString = function (name) 
    return("Hi, I am"+" "+name);    

var output = nameString("does not compute")


MY MAN !! That worked !! Thanks Alot !


I guess the Problem is a missing space here "Hi,[SPACE]I ..."
@amanuel2 You can use any name here "Susie" is just the first test case that the author set up so if the code fails it complains with the Susie case but as said any name is valid.