Javascript Dog Years Project Goal - Canine Methusaleh?

This is about the Javascript Dog Year project…
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Did anyone else misinterpret the goal of this project? I assumed it was to determine the actual dog equivalent of my age.

I wrote my Javascript code, which worked fine and gave me the correct result – at 60, I am the equivalent of an 11.75 year old dog. (60-21)/4 +2. I can live with that.

But when I went back to mark off the accompanying checklist, I realized the instructions were to multiply my human age into dog years. That’s all the years I’ve lived x 4, except for the first two, which are x 10.5. That makes me a 253 year old dog, which is both impossible and depressing.

As a pet owner, I think my interpretation is more relevant to the real world. I want to go back and add a little conditional logic to account for a human younger than 21 and/or to reverse it so I can enter my cats’ ages and get their human equivalent.

At the very least, I think CodeAcademy needs to clarify what they mean in the project overview. Any thoughts?

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