JavaScript course Loops lesson not working

I have been trying from yesterday but the Learn JavaScript course code isn’t running. When we press Run , it will start loading and after sometime the page stops responding. It will ask either to wait or to close the page.

Please look into the matter and resolve the issue.

Thank you!

Given you mention the involvement of loops, it is very likely you have an infinite loop

Please see here:

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how you can provided detailed information so we can look into the issue

When I press run it just loads and then the page freezes

like I predicted: Infinite loop.

your loop condition:

a = 11

is an assignment, which will simply always evaluate to truthy (positive numbers are considered true)

Oh sorry I forgot.


You have an infinite loop I’m afraid. try this instead:

for (let a = 5; a < 11; a++){ console.log(a) }