Javascript console

I’m sorry if this sounds stupid, but I want to experiment with Javascript based on the things that I learnt and I have no clue how to find a console just like in the courses, or how it works exactly. Some help?

the console is part of your browsers, its a tool used for web development

codecademy is what unique in that matter, it focus on teaching javascript (which is a good thing), but normally JavaScript isn’t used like that. Its used for front-end web development or back-end with nodeJS

Learning JS like codecademy teaches is good, before you start using its designed purpose

There are websites like jsbin which also offer a console. Might be a good next step

the question is, what do you want to use JavaScript for? If you want front-end web development, steer towards DOM manipulation, JS its relation to webpages. Back-end, look into nodeJS


Thanks for the reply. What’s back-end development?

back-end web development, the server side of a website (where username, posts, likes and so are stored), very often in a database


I am currently kind of interested in building applications with Javascript, is there a way to do that?

This depends on the kind of application, but yes, you can certainly build things with Javascript. But given this not included within your question.

would be pointless if we learned JS and couldn’t do anything with it

  1. Go through the Javascript course
  2. Go through
  3. Do this course
  4. Learn SQL

This should help you build an app


Hi @gt1. if you mean applications as in Mobile Apps then I would suggest you for look over this website:, you will need to master HTML, CSS and JavaScript and let phonegap turn the codes into a mobile app without have to learn another platform languages such as Java for Android or Swift for IOS.

If you’re talking about building Web Applications, then you can follow the path offered by CC here:

There, they also offered another paid (premium intensive course) which will be useful, if you want to develop a Front-End Web Application (You can read the information and get the general idea of what is needed to make a Front-End Web App here):

Front-End and Back-End Development are two different things, but combining those two together, you will get a full-fledged functioning Web App which is often referred as Full-stack web. Google and read more about those three keywords, you will understand more about them.

Cheers :slight_smile: