Javascript Confirm() bug


i have a problem with the confirm instruction. it tells us to write our own message that we want the user o confirm. i wrote confirm("are you sure you want to delete file?."); I dont know what is wrong here


Can you tell me what exercise and part this is so i can respond to you? The only way out of this i can think of right know is instead of using confirm use prompt?


I believe it is this one @amanuel2.


Ok so, First thanks @jibblyj. Second this is a bug from codecademy. But try to do this

confirm = ("I'm ready to go!")

And update us with results


When you use the equals sign, it changes the function confirm(), so that wouldn't work. The correct syntax is always

confirm("some text");


I know but it worked for me like i said this is a bug.


Ok, you're right, I gave this topic the 'bug' tag and renamed it.