Javascript conclusion part 2


Im not sure what i am doing wrong... i have tried several different ways.. my code was a bit more complex than this but i tried to dumb it down to pass the section but i keep getting

Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't log anything!

My original code
var mycolor = "white";
if ("mycolor".length < 7)
{console.log = ("false");}

else {

console.log = ("I finished my first course!");


My dumbed Down code
if (1+3 === 2)
console.log = ("I finished my first course!")

Bug after using console.log=()

Hmmm, this is a quite weird bug.
After entering your code, my own code wouldn't work either.
You should enter a code without putting an = after console.log. After/before that you should refresh your browser and try again.


YAY!!! IT WORKED! wow ive been struggling with this since last night.. almost thought i didnt understand what i had learned from the beginning of the course! you were right


haha you are welcome :smile:
It is quite something unusual so I put this on the bug page.
Good luck on the rest of your courses!