JavaScript code challenges lesson

I think I’ve written the right code and it’s also executing the specified output, same to the instructions. But, I’m not promoting to the next exercise. Please help me to get out of this problem.

do you have two spaces between coding! and Time? Difficult to see from a screenshot, could you copy paste your code to the forum? As well as the exercise url

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Problem is here, but I’m not sure why. 'love' and 'functions' should be in yellow, though.

const sillySentence = (adjective,verb,noun) => `I am so ${adjective} because I ${verb} coding! Time to write some more awesome ${noun}! `

 console.log(sillySentence('excited', 'love', 'functions')); 

Here It is…

But…how can I make those yellow. I think it’s may be a bug. I don’t sure about that.

And I’ve got these types of problems on many exercises on this

JavaScript code challenges lesson



I think the extra space after ${noun}! is the problem. Get rid of it and also, your code has a missing semi-colon. The interpreter might not always point it out but, it is a good practice (in JavaScript) to end the expression with a semi-colon.

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