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Hi, so I tried this challenge, and it was supposed to be easy for me. I tried to keep it simple, but it only passes 8/10 tests.
I can’t figure out why.

To start, here is my solution right now:

function getX(x, nums) {
  let tempArray = nums.sort((a, b) => a - b);
  return tempArray[x - 1];

I sort the list, with comparison (to sort by number value and not by string value). Which is how I think you are supposed to do in this case.
Then I store it to a temporary variable from which I print the xTH smallest value, or so I thought…?
All my console logs I try with different arrays and so on, everything looks correct, so what the heck is wrong here? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume that is because you don’t make a real copy of the original array. Instead, you are sorting the original array: Try logging the original array you pass as the 2nd argument after you ran the function. That will be ordered as well.

I’m having a similar issue as @manner89 . At first, I was doing exactly as he/she was, and also was passing only 8/10 tests. So I looked it up and found your reply over here, and tried to do as you suggested, but my code is still passing only 8/10 tests. Any other idea of what could possibly be wrong? Have you tried this challenge yourself?

My code after your suggestion:

function getX(x, nums) { // Write your code here nums.sort((a, b) => a - b); return nums[x -1]; }; console.log(getX(2, [5, 10, -3, -3, 7, 9]));

I’m still having the same issue that you had. Have you figured it out so far? This puzzle is itching my brain… :sweat_smile:

You also do not make a copy of the array ( that was my suggestion). Have you tried that, too?

Just tried an experiment. The instructions don’t say it, so there’s no way of knowing other than returning 0 is fairly common in challenges such as this when the requested index is out of bounds. If you include a check to make sure the index is in range, and return 0 if it isn’t, you should pass all 10 tests.


Hi. I tried exactly that but it still says that it only passes 9 out of 10 test.

I couldn’t possibly hazard a guess as to what your issue might be without seeing your code.