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I am fairly versed in HTML5 and CSS3 and recently began taking the JavaScript Course after doing this for probably 35 hours or so now what are some ways JavaScript is Used on Web Pages? In what ways is it implemented so I can get a better understanding of how it is used in a real world environment.

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HTML and CSS are languages used to build the structure and aesthetics of a website. Until now you have used JavaScript to process data, provide input and expect output. In the context of web design JavaScript can be used to access and modify the DOM and for example call on CSS classes to certain elements of your website.

This way you can build in interactivity (buttons, sliding elements, building in conditions on when to show certain parts of the website elements etc.). Pretty much all interactivity in websites is achieved by using direct JavaScript or JavaScript Frameworks such as React and JQuery. There is much to learn about this in the Pro Content of the Web Development Path.

Subsequently you can connect any JavaScript file to a website, such as the ones you have build so far. Let’s say you want to build a calculator on a website, you can do all the math operations using JavaScript running in the background of your website and connect them to input and output fields in your HTML page.

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