Javascript and Python


Is it normal to be finding Javascript easier to learn than Python? I am a very early beginner and are finding it easier to learn and memorise Javascipt so far.


if javascript is so easy, then please explain this:

if (0 == "0"){
if (0 == []){
if ("0" == []){
} else {

zero integer equals zero string, zero integer equals an empty list, so by that logic, zero string should equal an empty list, yet this is not the case

okay, i am a bit mean, its a corner case of javascript

Maybe you find JS easier, that is perfectly normal. Different people pick up different skills (including different programming languages) at different paces

anyhow, memorizing a programming language is not important, if that is what programming is about, computers would be programming (computers have a better memory)


All well and good but i am needing to memorise and learn how to program in the first place and the basics of it? If I don’t know what the language is then i will never be able to start programming


Just don’t focus on memorize too much, the things you use often will sink in (muscle memory), the rest can be found in documentation, understanding how and why things work is far more important


Okay, thanks for the tip. I am a complete novice at this however i am determined to learn and become good.