JavaScript and Jquery Textbook

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The book titled JavaScript and Jquery: Interactive Front End Web development (written by Jon Duckett) is recommended for the full stack web development course. I would like anyone who has this book to confirm if it will significantly add to my coding skillz before I consider buying it.


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I just was asked to read it too in a course. Rather than spend 30+$ on it I got it on as a free download. As for buying a hard copy of it I recommend not spending money on it as books aren’t a cost worthy investment for JS, unlike other topics where books are a great asset.

This being said it is a very visual book and if your a visual learner it is great however a quick search on PDFDrive will get you the book in PDF form for free.


Hello @ejoviokiekpakpo97234,

The book is excellent. The book may seem expensive but it is well worth the money for beginners. Listed are my reasons why:

  • Full of examples that use laymen terms to explain the technical concepts.
  • The book does not have a lot of words on the pages; hence, you find yourself focusing on concepts.
  • Explanations are written very clearly using color photos or diagrams and numbered steps.
  • My understanding has greatly improved where I can explain what I have learned in a simple manner.

I highly recommend the book and consider it an investment in my future.

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Thanks for your response. I already got a soft copy from pdf drive.

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