JavaScript 9/28


I use
prompt("Where are you from/");
but it doesn't work?Why?


Normally, we would wish to hold on to user input. For that purpose we have variables.

var user = prompt("Where are you from?");


still not working... :cry:



  1. prompt("What is your name?");
  2. prompt("What is Ubuntu?");

Use the prompt command to ask the user where they are from. Check out the examples above for how to do this!

That's is the instruction.I don't know where do I do wrong


My apologies. Didn't check the lesson til now...

prompt("what is your name?");

Oddly enough, the above passes, as does this,

prompt("where are you from?");


still not working I don't know why...


I get it. Submit the code, and enter some text or nothing, but click OK, not Cancel. What is happening is clicking Cancel returns null whereas OK returns a string. An empty field returns as "".


thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!