Javascript 28/28


Can u fix this,,,,,,,,,,,Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't log the correct string to the console! Make sure to use exactly the string shown.
if("king".length > 5)
console.log("u have a long name");
console.log("u hav a short name");


hi sir how are you?
dear sir help me in this lesson.


( When to 'while' and when to 'for')

it's lesson name


Is there a message mentioned in the instruction? If yes try to use this one.

Please go to the specific exercise press the Q&A button then you're redirected to the correct part of this forum and there you open a new Question including the number of the exercise and your problem with it, maybe an error message if you have on and all the other information that you think are helpful to understand your question and help you. But currently your spamming in the wrong forum with no information what the actual problem is. Thank you.


I just clicked on the Q&A and this is where it took me.... and I'm having the same exact issue.


Well as the instructions say you should set up an if/else statement that chooses the case where you print:

"I finished my first course!"

@zaiby5's code printes "u hav a short name"