i need help big time with this
The task
You must create a register for a workshop that will carry out repairs on vehicles. The code you enter will be used by other developers, who will create other parts of the system (eg the user interface).
The program will keep track of vehicles inside a workshop, what kind of vehicle it is and information about repairs on each vehicle. The garage can repair three types of vehicles: Roadster, SUV and Pickup.

  • For each vehicle, the registration number and type of vehicle must be stored.
  • For each repair, a description, cost and date performed must be stored, as well as which vehicle the repair applies to. Each repair must also have an automatically generated ID.
    Functionality requirement 1: Registration and collection
  • Create a method for registering vehicles in the system. Take the registration number and type of vehicle as parameters. Vehicles are uniquely identified by the registration number.
  • Create a method for registering repairs on a vehicle. Take the registration number, description of repair, cost and performed date as parameters. Let the system generate the ID for the repair.
  • Create a method to retrieve all information about a repair and the vehicle repair applies based on the repair ID.

Functionality requirement 2: Calculation

  • Create a method to retrieve a sorted list of all repairs the workshop has performed on vehicles of the type Pickup. The list must be sorted from oldest performed repair date to youngest (01.01.2017 is younger than 01.01.2016).
  • Create a method to retrieve the SUV that has the highest total repair cost.
    Functionality requirement 3: Fault handling
  • When problems occur in the system, e.g. if an attempt is made to register a repair for a vehicle that does not exist or invalid input is provided for a method, then this must be treated sensibly.


What specifically do you need help with?

I can’t assume what you know or don’t know. If you are not familiar with writing methods, then it’s better to do smaller practice to get better at that first. If you are familiar with them, try writing out some code and you can share when you get stuck on an idea.

how can i build up the project and how to connect them.