Java Variables: Mad Libs - I'm confused

So, the instructions say “All of these variables will need to be declared and initialized before the code will compile without errors.” I’m not sure if that means “you need to do something here- this is a step” or if this means “do the next things listed below”. I did the next things listed below, make lots of strings and print the story - which I think I did??? But the screen is telling me the issues are all with the first screenshot - the story bit- and I’m not sure what to do with that hunk of words. Can anyone help me, please?

I tried to put 3 screenshots, but it said I could only post one, im sorry. - one was a picture of me saying System.out.println() about 50 times with each string name in the parenthesis, with " around the string name.
The second screen shot was the string names all typed out with the inserted mad lib words, I also put " within the parenthesis around the words. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

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It likely means take the time to declare each of the variables with their type before going further.

Alright, thank you. I’m still confused because it’s not a int , boolean or a double - so calling it a string is left- and I already made a couple lines of text saying what is a string, but it’s telling me i’m not done. What do I do next?

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All of the variables need to be declared and given a type. There are upwards of twenty variables in this project, so they all have to be introduced before compile.

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