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Hey Guys just wanted to ask a quick question i'm really new to coding and i just wanted to know if you master The java code can you make apps to put on the app or android store easily. Also if any one here is an expert in the app field please reply i have some amazing ideas that i want to make but not sure how to start if someone can help it would be mostly appreciated.


there is a first important step to realize:

javascript and java are not the same thing, in fact, java is to javascript what ham is to hamster. there isn't much similarities.

With java you can indeed make and publish apps for the google play store. First learn the java fundamentals, start there.



Thank you for getting back to me as promptly as you did i appreciate this. I would also like to go a bit more in debt about this and i also had a couple of more questions as well can we maybe talk over email or on Skype i just need someone to point me to the right direction if that's not too much to ask for.

Many thanks




I sent you a link, via PM, to all the information you need about java and android apps .

I don't want to post it here, because the site is a potential competitor to codecademy and it might be against the rules posting this link in this forum.


That is perfectly allowed, you can place it in this topic :slight_smile:


I would also be interested in the information sent in the PM to mustafa9 :slight_smile:


On popular demand :slight_smile:

I have only dabbled in java and android app development, but I can tell you that these materials are great and if you don't want a certificate they are free.


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