Java Script Users. What jobs can we get?


I have been wondering and I just want to know what jobs should I look into? Because I would like to put my skills to use as I go a long with my learn. I have really thought about this a lot and decided to ask you guys,


What jobs can Javascript devs get?

Front-end developer?
Javascript is one of the core tools for front-end developers.
In addition to having to master HTML and CSS, you need to be proficient in JS. The front-end landscape is developing at an incredible pace, some argue too fast actually. New Javascript frameworks keep popping out of nowhere, giving devs more choice, but new tech to keep on top of to remain "relevant". jQuery, Angular, React, Aurelia, Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Vue... (and the list goes on).

Back-end developer?
You can program in Javascript for the back-end of your project as well, in a Node environment. Express is a framework that gained tremendous popularity among JS devs. It's used in the MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node). Meteor is another framework that made its mark on the server side landscape.

I believe there are also ways to use Javascript for mobile apps (using certain tools), desktop apps, certain text editors (Atom?), certain databases (notably, Mongo DB), in browsers also. You could also make small programs, like text-based games and other fun stuff if you'd like...

... but its core competency remains in web development, particularly in a front-end environment.

If you're learning JS through online resources such as Codecademy, you could eventually try to get an internship as a Javascript apprentice, then entry-level JS dev, junior dev, senior dev, etc.

JS developers are quite in demand, and there's plenty to be learned and done.

If you're really set on mastering this language, go through the JS courses on Codecademy, + learn jQuery, and React also. Then test yourself by going through

Best of luck!


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