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Hey ALL,

Trying to do this challenge but have no idea how. Anyone can help?

Write a function subLength() that takes 2 parameters, a string and a single character. The function should search the string for the two occurrences of the character and return the length between them including the 2 characters. If there are less than 2 or more than 2 occurrences of the character the function should return 0.


subLength('Saturday', 'a'); // returns 6subLength('summer', 'm'); // returns 2subLength('digitize', 'i'); // returns 0subLength('cheesecake', 'k'); // returns 0

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you could do it using a loop …
looping through characters in the string (using the index)
you’d probably need a variable to store the index of the first occurrence of that character
and another variable to find the next occurrence of that character

I hope that’s enough to help you get started.

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Thank you for the advice, I will do this now, hope will come thru …

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